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Mothers Corner

Mothers wish to have resources to help them learn and home teach Phonics to their child.

Kids Corner

Kids would love to access resources online for learning Phonics & more.

Teachers Corner

Teachers and Trainers would benefit from online resources to learn & teach Phonics in their classes / training / workshops.

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Phonics for one & all

Skill India ... Phonics India

Phonics education is ideal early learning support for all kids. It will help children to learn to read and hence read to learn, effectively. An all encompassing approach is advisable - encompassing parents, teachers / trainers / tutors and kids.

The availability of adequately trained / quality Phonics teachers is an issue across India. In this backdrop, online resources are provided here. Access to same will boost Phonics literacy among all interested adults and children.

This initiative is fully supported by Phonics eStore, the most complete place for Phonics.

We solicit your guidance to improve accessibility etc to online Phonics resources here.

We will be glad to hear from all Phonics teachers / organisations that conduct classes for kids - all who wish to connetc may do so by sending a mail to us at

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What Reviewers on Google+ Say

Provides a great way to teach kids the beauty of language

Samannay Ghosh Thane

Fabulous. Wish we had such learnings in our times.

Saurabh Kumar Delhi

Awesome site for kid!! very informative!!

Rajesh Radhakrishnan Bangalore

Excellent - innovative n bold !

Relevant - prepares children to get ahead !!

Kush Kumar Kamra Gurgaon